Healience StoryKorea’s first well-aging healing resort
to change your life

We help you change your eating, exercising, mind, and life rhythm habits for well-aging,
all in a beautiful natural environment.

Introduction of Seonmaeul

Korea’s first well-aging healing resort to change your life Healing Seonmaeul is Korea’s frist well-aging healing resort,
where people who are aware of the importance of health visit for well-aging in the era of the 100-year life expectancy.
Healience Seonmaeul has been seeking only one value, well-aging, for the past 10 years.
Healience Seonmaeul was founded by Dr. Lee Si-hyeong, who is well known as a writer of various health books
in association with the major wellness companies of Korea including Daewoong Pharmaceutical,
Maeil, Pulmuone, and Sajo Donga One.

Healience Seonmaeul is not just a resort providing accommodations.
Healience, a compound word meaning healing and science, helps you change your eating,
exercising, mind, and life rhythm habits for well-aging amidst a beautiful natural environment.
You will find yourself changing bit by bit during your stay.

Find yourself
in nature

Sprouts poke up from the ground in early spring after the Jingzhe seasonal stage, and you can find crayfish under rocks in the brook in mid summer. Squirrels eat pine nuts in autumn, and you can enjoy the sound of snow falling in the winter. In Seonmaeul, you can enjoy the sunlight, wind, and smells of nature in its true form.

The courtyard is surrounded by bamboo forests, and you can enjoy sunlight during the daytime and starlight through the skylights at night. In the morning, you can watch the morning clouds and mists of Jongjasan Mountain from a rocking chair on the terrace. Experience nature in Seonmaeul, and realize that you are part of it.

The place for true relaxation to refresh your body and mind

Trekking trails with zero fine dust and places with 22% higher oxygen concentration make this one of the 48 best wellness places selected by the Korea Tourism Organization, one of the 10 best tourist destinations selected by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, one of the 10 best places for healing in Korea, and Korea’s first private healing forest designated by the Korea Forest Service. They are all compliments of Seonmaeul.

In Seonmaeul, relax and become part of nature while walking along the pine trails in Jongjasan Mountain and breathing in the phytoncides. Enjoy true relaxation and refresh your body and mind through inner peace.

Philosophies of Healience: Humble, Simple, and Natural

Healience is humble. Guest rooms which resemble mud huts in nature consist of trees, lights, and minimal living items. Healience is simple. Healience is nature itself without an artificial atmosphere, as it has been part of nature from the beginning. Healience is natural. You can learn the life of nature and refresh yourself in peace by communing with nature. Healience has intended inconveniences, since it is humble and simple like nature. In Healience, you cannot use your cell phone or Internet, and there are no electronics. To have a meal, you need to climb up a slope high enough to make beads of sweat form on your forehead. We give you an opportunity to look back on your life through intended inconveniences, and help you refresh yourself to become a better person.

Seonmaeul’s well-aging life, connecting you to nature

You may have an experience where you just came from the hospital without a specific diagnosis or prescription even though you had symptoms. Hospitals make a diagnosis and give a prescription when a certain organ has problems. In this case, it may be already too late. It is no exaggeration to say that people nowadays live on artificial chemicals. The side effects of chemicals can be very severe.

The paradigm of healthcare is changing from disease diagnosis and treatment to proactive prevention and health promotion for enhancing the quality of life.

All creatures including humans have their own ability to protect their health. We call it immunity, or self-healing. This is the goal of Seonmaeul. We try to enhance the immune system and self-healing in natural ways.

Healience Seonmaeul will keep making efforts to contribute to promoting national health and improving the quality of life. We sincerely hope that your experience in Seonmaeul brings back your young, healthy, happy life.

Thank you

Psychiatrist, The village head of Healience Dr. Lee Si-hyung Dr. Lee Si-hyung

Refund Regulation

  • Contact the Customer Center if you want to cancel or change your reservation.
  • Penalties may be charged if you cancel or change your reservation.
  • Please refer to the table below for penalties.
  • The time required for a refund may vary depending on the credit card company.
  • Refunds will be made to the remitter. If any remittance charge is incurred, it will be deducted from the refund amount.
Category Refund percentage
Refund Policy 100% refundable 8 days before the check-in date
50% refundable 7~4 days before the check-in date
No refunds 3 days before the check-in date


구분 반환사유 발생일 반환 금액
제18조제2항제1호 및 제2호의 반환사유에 해당하는 경우 교육을 할 수 없거나
교습 장소를 제공할 수 없게 된 날
이미 납부한 교습 비용을
일할(日割) 계산한 금액
제18조 제2항 제3호의
반환사유에 해당하는 경우
교습 기간이
1개월 이내인 경우
교습 시작 전 이미 납부한 교습 비용의 전액
총 교습 시간의 1/3 경과 전 이미 납부한 교습 비용의
2/3에 해당하는 금액
총 교습 시간의 1/2 경과 전 이미 납부한 교습 비용의
1/2에 해당하는 금액
총 교습 시간의 1/2 경과 후 반환하지 않음
교습 기간이
1개월 초과하는 경우
교습 시작 전 이미 납부한 교습 비용의 전액
교습 시작 후 반환사유가 발생할 해당 월의
반환 대상 교습 비용
(교습 기간이 1개월 이내인
경우의 기준에 따라 산출한
금액을 말한다)과
나머지 월의 교습
비용의 전액을 합산한 금액
  • 교육등록 취소시 위약금이 발생합니다.(소비자 보호원 기준 적용)
  • 환불은 입금자명으로 되며 입금시 송금수수료는 제외한 후 입금됩니다.
  • 총 교습 시간은 교습 기간 중의 총 교습 시간을 말하며, 반환 금액의 산정은 반환 사유가 발생한 날까지 경과된 교습 시간을 기준으로 한다.
  • 원격 교습의 경우 반환 금액은 교습 내용을 실제 수강한 부분(인터넷으로 수강하거나 학습기기로 저장한 것을 말한다)에 해당하는 금액을 뺀 금액으로 한다.
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