Healience FacilitiesThe place
where earth, water, light, wind, and fragrance gather

Healience is encompassed by the healing forest of Jongjasan Mountain.
Enjoy nature in its true form with earth, water, light, wind, and natural smells.


Let me walk you in Nature There is no better time than now to head out into the wood with your four-legged friend!
Find freedom, explore the whole new world of exciting sights in the place for you both to live in harmony with nature

Healipet Room

Whatever the occasion, your dog deserves only the best! No need to leave your dog behind, enjoy the vacations without worrying about your pet sleeping arrangements!

  • Location - Garden Villa, Building 6
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pet hotel3
pet hotel4
pet hotel5
pet hotel6

Pet Lounge

A special place for your fluffy friend Our Pet lounge equipped with a Self-Serve Dog Wash Station, so you do not have to worry about the hot temperatures or humidity. A perfect place to go hiking together!

  • Location - Summer Village 1st floor


Dog-friendly restaurant Enjoy an amazing dining experience together with your pup in the place full of nature!

  • Location - Cheum restaurant, Outside Terrace


Enjoy a plenty of outdoor activities in order to keep your dog happy and well-adjusted!

  • Location - Garden Villa Building 6
Admission requirements
  • Other pet types than dogs (cats, rabbits, fish, etc.) are restricted from staying at the Resort.
  • Resort allows up to two dogs in a rented room (basic reservation 1 dog, extra dog fee - 30.000 KRW ).
  • Dog breeds that show any kind of aggression are prohibited from staying at the Resort.
  • A copy of the dog up-to-date shot records is required.
  • Information must include proof of a valid vaccination from rabies (5 doses within 2 years).
General rules
  • For its safety, the dog should not be left unattended while staying at the guest room or any facilities.
  • Please leave your pet at the Pet Lounge when joining the Daily Program or using any of the Leisure Facilities.
  • All pets must be kept on the leash with the maximum range of 1.5m.
  • Note that pets are prohibited in the food & beverages areas (Cafes ,Restaurants, etc.),
    Group Exercising rooms (G.X. room, Forest/Starlight Yurts) or meeting rooms (Seonee Atelier, libraries, etc.)
  • You must assume responsibility for any liability arising from your pet (pet damage or personal injury to resort, staff, guest, third party or property, etc).
    You are also financially responsible for any and all costs associated with any compensation that may be given to appease a disturbed guest(s).
    The payment and/or reimbursement for such damage is payable on demand. All resolutions should be reached between the parties without involving the Resort.
  • Please check the Healience Pet Policy (Event -> News category) for more details regarding the Pet admission / House rules information.
Pet Room
객실제공 어메니티
Category Amenities Extra dog Rate Extra amenities
Small dog Pet bed, feeding supplies 1 set (food/water bowls), dog toilet,
potty pads (5 pads), phytoncide dog deodorize spray, waste bags (5 bags),
pet hair remover

Welcome Kit 1 set
Dog treats + pet towel + wet tissues + Pet Travel TIP
※ We provide one welcome kit for one guest room
30,000 KRW Feeding supplies 1 set (food/water bowls),
potty pads (3 pads) waste bag (3 bags)
* All pet rooms are allocated in the Garden Villa, Building number 6
* The Resort allows up to 2 dogs in a pet room
* Dogs under 3 month of age are not allowed to stay at the Resort
* The maximum weight of a pet is 12kg per animal
* Shot record (rabies vaccinations, 5 doses within 2 years) must be provided in advance
* The pet must not be left unattended in the guest room
* For any additional questions you may have, please contact us: E-mail: reservation@healience.com / Welcome Center: 033.434.2772

Refund Regulation

  • Contact the Customer Center if you want to cancel or change your reservation.
  • Penalties may be charged if you cancel or change your reservation.
  • Please refer to the table below for penalties.
  • The time required for a refund may vary depending on the credit card company.
  • Refunds will be made to the remitter. If any remittance charge is incurred, it will be deducted from the refund amount.
Category Refund percentage
Refund Policy 100% refundable 8 days before the check-in date
50% refundable 7~4 days before the check-in date
No refunds 3 days before the check-in date


구분 반환사유 발생일 반환 금액
제18조제2항제1호 및 제2호의 반환사유에 해당하는 경우 교육을 할 수 없거나
교습 장소를 제공할 수 없게 된 날
이미 납부한 교습 비용을
일할(日割) 계산한 금액
제18조 제2항 제3호의
반환사유에 해당하는 경우
교습 기간이
1개월 이내인 경우
교습 시작 전 이미 납부한 교습 비용의 전액
총 교습 시간의 1/3 경과 전 이미 납부한 교습 비용의
2/3에 해당하는 금액
총 교습 시간의 1/2 경과 전 이미 납부한 교습 비용의
1/2에 해당하는 금액
총 교습 시간의 1/2 경과 후 반환하지 않음
교습 기간이
1개월 초과하는 경우
교습 시작 전 이미 납부한 교습 비용의 전액
교습 시작 후 반환사유가 발생할 해당 월의
반환 대상 교습 비용
(교습 기간이 1개월 이내인
경우의 기준에 따라 산출한
금액을 말한다)과
나머지 월의 교습
비용의 전액을 합산한 금액
  • 교육등록 취소시 위약금이 발생합니다.(소비자 보호원 기준 적용)
  • 환불은 입금자명으로 되며 입금시 송금수수료는 제외한 후 입금됩니다.
  • 총 교습 시간은 교습 기간 중의 총 교습 시간을 말하며, 반환 금액의 산정은 반환 사유가 발생한 날까지 경과된 교습 시간을 기준으로 한다.
  • 원격 교습의 경우 반환 금액은 교습 내용을 실제 수강한 부분(인터넷으로 수강하거나 학습기기로 저장한 것을 말한다)에 해당하는 금액을 뺀 금액으로 한다.
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